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Just another arse to kick

People ! I propose to associate with you in the moment when you feel like serving somebody with a hit in the arse. I am fatally  coiled up in the cliche of unwilling encounters with about such people that are pumped up brats with the common variant of not accepting the futile damage they cause in socially interactive situations and are non apologetic for an add-on. What little could you loose in the good Lord’s name if you show some empathy or maybe an equal amount of gratitude for instead of which you choose to portray that irritable rock strong attitude of yours. Bitch !

For instance I would talk about the situation I witnessed in the middle of a road some while ago. A freehand biker foolishly took a turn out of nowhere to get on the other side of the lane with apparently a big sharp cut towards the end without looking for another conveyance at his back and that too with the exception of an indicator for a left turn. A Volkswagen hit the brakes at the edge of the absurd’s motorbike and the absurd started dropping fireballs with swear words in the midway of the road holding all the traffic around.

SMH in that pervasive context. No offense. Dealing with such people, it’s a headache, You would be forced to bang your head to the chamber of four walls that you’re surrounded by and rob you out of your peace of mind. For these difficult people with unshaken pride and ego , I know you’re human you got that license to make severe mistakes and you shine upon it with a vibrant ( just in your schizophrenic mind ) attitude BUT here’s the thing ! You need to change the false perception of your mind that everyone is going to put up with your shit baby. Its just your family and probably valuable friends that pardon you for how spoiled you’ve become in your conscience stricken questionable morals.

I now recollect I have personally dealt with such a friend in my school times and it seemed an ordeal that was provocative and demeaning. I had it in my mind tied of all constraints that I need to be pragmatic with her for the time I had to endure her. Such people have a notion of thinking themselves as the sole transcendent of thousands and thousands of generations of mankind, For summing up they think they look adorable when they blame everyone for the hindrance but thyself.

The Friend of a twosome

Ya i know this could actually make the name of a book lol.

” Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another : What! You too? I thought that no one but myself.” C.S. Lewis

This post today because I am plodding out of such a situation right now and I want to publish how awkward it gets when Two of your friends change their status into being ‘In a relationship’. Many things in the troop change and its complicated after this is declared officially. You suddenly have no idea how you are expected to behave besides being happy for them. Its considerably hard to tell when would they expect you to leave them for the sake of private intimacy between the romantic duo or when would they just want to have fun hanging around together with you being no “third wheel”. If you tag yourself around the couple a bit too often, let your conscience speak up to you when you feel like you’re actually manifesting the proverb of ‘playing the gooseberry’ in virtual terms.                                                                                                                                                                  No offense if you’re a female or male, the odds- on is that either of the spouse is probable to envy your care and understanding as a chuddy-buddy towards the other one as something else. I’m just saying. Because shit happens when friends alter, relationships change and priorities shift. And the situations could get worse if you’re a part of a big bundled gang. Controversies sleep in the middle of every conversation and come on, everyone cannot agree with you so you can’t help but fall in someone’s eyes as you don’t have to impress everyone. Duh !!

Arsy varsy, if you’re head over heels for your partner and you belong to the other side of the equation which includes the two of you about to exhibit your feelings to the associated audience, you should prophesy the detailed reactions(by the girlfriends to the girl) right here:

  • An overreaction by overly attached girlfriends of the lass in love as to ” I can’t believe you  kept from me your alliance! ” says Betty. ” Why did you have to keep it a secret from us ? ” says Morgan. ” I thought you shared all your feelings with us as we do. I thought that you were being plainly true to us but i was wrong. ” says Kate.      And you would have to deal with these carefully going on for all the explanations you can gather at the moment. Ya it’s a headache i know.
  • Chances are probable that the girlfriends would begin to act weird and go to the extent of making you feel like you were plotting a murder or a property scandal secretly. Before you are processing things in your mind to turn them into words that can explain your causes, they would wrap up all the understanding you shared for years and react abruptly telling you to never call again and hang up the phone. Yes its really irritable I speak from my experience but it doesn’t go for every other girlfriend, just the few of them who are habitual of whirling small things into big life threatening  issues.
  • Then comes the part when everything seems to have chilled out but the changes are uncontrollable regarding to the acceptance and strengthening of the green lovers. Here someone would hit the J word in their hidden wit (J for jealous, i know you knew ;) ) , someone would judge you a nice match, someone would crop and love triangles to make things shake, someone would hold you up when things go the wrong way.

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” William Shakespeare. A toast to all those who have been in love and agree the quote holds true in material ways.

Schizoidal misanthropist

Came across the term “schizoid” to me out of various psychological disorders while going through some crazy random stuff . Schizoid Personality Disorder happens to be described as having a lack of interest in social relationships, the tendency to lead a solitary lifestyle, to develop secrecy and being content in aloofness.The blunted effect here as i read describes the inability to express emotions through neither change in countenance of an individual nor through physiological movements in situations which demand usual strong emotional actions/reactions. It is rather a symptom than a catalyst to suppressed expressions. With an actual absence of animation in gestures, this cranky thing perhaps very clearly elaborates those weird people you have been estranged of.

I reckon, a schizoid seems like a misanthropist on the surface to me too. But no we’re taking this in a completely different although connected crosspath. When a misanthropist detests human nature and scorns the species of the damned homo sapiens (“I believe that there is an equality to all humanity. We all suck.” Bill Hicks), he does so out of foiled expectations when he put his reliable trust and absolute credence in someone but is downed in the end. A misanthropist then apparently ends up being a hater of mankind thinking people evil and wicked. Many people in general terms belong to this family of misanthropes. Some can even be considered more of sociopaths (” I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am.” Samuel Johnson). Schizoids are comparatively rare. The disorder turns these antisocial habits into the inability of establishing emotional intimacy in personal relationships. Personal space is vulnerable at the risk of surreal images of self disclosure. It is the emotions (both positive and negative) that these people tend to avoid and not actually the human race.

And wait, there’s more. Out of the people you are bound to consider as undoubtedly interactive and socially available, you may still come across a schizoid. YES. The ball here strikes at that SECRET Schizoid you never find engaging in deep diving emotional talk and keeps it to the surface so it never hits your eye.. the actual internal state of his mind. That blinded arc where this person disconnects the exhibition of emotional engagement is the shield of his internal world. I now realize I actually have such a friend who I’ve always thought to be a misanthropist. And as of me I think am not really motivated to be engaged in social interactions as an introvert. No doubt I also do find a little schizoid smithereens in me. My ways of judging generality is of placing them somewhere between the evil and the good of mankind. For God made no good without evil and can no good be thus located without evil.


Oooo that’s a nice word ! oooo that’s a really cool music video !

The Koan sound . Its first that I’ve ever heard of this duo. I saw it on Vh1 today . Its a really cool video ! I’ve downloaded it :D

Trying not to feel worthless or something

I would only want to pretend a descent apology for the few readers of this ignorant blog that i do have. And that would be for posting no little this month if anyone would care to reach out for this one. A crack of the month .

The January.

Though this month has been reportedly impressive and fun because i had some cousins visiting us this month , it has also been much of an unexpected turntable actually. I could say I’ve been at my very low these weeks. Maybe the forgiven tomorrow hath some peace for me..

As reading English literature keeps me taken from life’s tragedies. Helps the power to endure the things and ignore the useless. Worthless do i feel somewhat similar to the nostalgic shatters that await hoped fortunes. Hurting has stopped and this a game against a prank . More of a drunked’s dream.

And you will lie in no more symptoms to provide Expensive advises. Rap God would only case Eminem on that cyclone of wonder. And of the storms you calmed down , less would know or care. Strangers may help out of generosity, but families wouldn’t out of rejection of thought or of disappointment.

Reach the endurance to know you were wrong ere , but only if you knew what was right then. Need you not bother about everyone here. Its not the place as pure in your mind.

Love is what cheats today , hurts today , ruins today not ere did it do so . Did it ? It snows on flakes of your fiend, still is that purity to never be back ,no doubt. Time is up the expanse of sky now ,that ever cared for everyone here.

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For the love of aestheticism- Hadarah


For the love of aestheticism- Hadarah

A link to the audience crazy for fluent aesthetics in their household modern rim. All into the modern art paintings, home decor and some arty stuff. This is an ascent measure to promote inventives in large scale marketing with efforts of furnished color schemes. If you could visit the link and like it on Facebook. I mean wow ! The arty is in town .

Addiction Inversion #3

It is just standing there, like a coiled rattler ready to kill.You can’t go back to your old haunts.Stay or go. An addict is powerless in the face of booze and drugs. Strength comes from somewhere else. It comes from the power of the Holy Spirit.

Needing forgiveness, because there were a lot of sins in your past. Needing peace, because you’ve been at war all your life. Needing love, because you hate everybody. Needing strength, because you know how weak you are. Needing happiness, because you’ve been miserable for long.

:-You didn’t want to go to that bar today, but you did. Because you’ve never said no.

Confess to God that you were a sinner, and that you want salvation through Jesus Christ. Your life would change in an instant, a change so overwhelming you’d never believe. The Holy Spirit entering your soul, and the old you dead. A new one would be born, one whose past would be forgiven with your eternity secured.

                                                                                                – The Associate , JOHN GRISHAM.


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