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A lovely day

If say not you feel so too
To not know if? Is it still you?
Turn back, look bare
Un cri du Coeur
Un art du tu

Dead in the middle of the sea
Half-blood half-love off-blove
Let it light if you just might
She rises in the heart of you
Dans le Coeur de tu

Inter your ghost
Line up your senses
In the mist of your skin underneath
The flames that rise beneath
Ravish your charms
In her arms that will catch you
When the day will be ahead of you

C’est your eyes
Just your eyes
Something lies heavy on these blames
When every fire longs flames
And I look at you
When it’s impossible to face
And I look at you
When it’s what I chase
Then I look at you

Farther in the distance
Where you’ve been gone
Hold yours and keep on
Drive it through the chance
If there is a kiss
That she stole from your heart
If there is a knife
That she clutched out
And she looks at you
When she looks at you
You know
That it’s gonna be
A lovely day

Ascendancy…Books ?

Books possess the power of influence, one of the greatest weapons in the world we know. Good books can open your mind and unclog your thoughts. Better books can point your direction in life. And the best ones.. can change your life.

This precious little post for those of us good people who repel this dominant nature of books in our lives with the argument of imposed influence by the author on our personal beliefs and cognitive musings.To hand something as inanimate as ink on some hundred sheets of paper, the power to fill your head with some foreign sense acquired from a source other than your own mind seems a great deal treacherous. Because words are but wind unless they are put into a script or a screenplay and then you’ll be afraid of getting influenced ? You’re afraid that there will be a picture in your head or that it will be replaced by another one based on the “some sense” that was inflicted upon you by the greatest wrath of the author?

But is it just the books? If it is truly a matter of shared responsiveness on the issue of how absolute is the author in control of your scattered perceptions, then it is not just one person. There are always people in your family you just pour your heart out to; that one couple in your neighborhood who seem to have nasty eyes; your colleagues from the workplace who would push you for a drink or two; your old friends from the school who got into law; the acquaintances you never shared a word with at the tube station who always wear sweatpants; that man you see everyday at the counter of that coffee shop who is always cheerful; or even just some kid at the supermarket wearing a Game of Thrones sweatshirt. People you surely did not employ to toy with your precious little minds when you dream at night using these people as characters in play or when you’re going to make a decision if you should also think about getting your kid into a law school or not.

When we must mutually agree upon the silent notion of living in a society consisting of other people holding differences in conviction and belief, the concept of communication becomes a necessity much more than it could become an obligation and the question of influence becomes inevitable. There will always be a picture and the less upsetting result of this coping mechanism we are designed to carry ourselves with for generations and generations is that to let this picture travel we found a way to preserve it in words and in between the pages where these words are no longer wind.

For information you do have facts and for stories you can lend an author’s harmless imagination. So what are you afraid of? Influence breathes in and out of you all the time. What you are today is the collective effort of everything and everyone you’ve ever come across and so people build people and knowledge builds people and everything that happens builds people in a way you wont even realize.

” I am the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever known.” – Chuck Palahniuk

A book can change your life if you hold it in belief. A person can change your life if you can allow yourself a denial that it was nothing more than a person.

P.S. : Yes off course I used a quote from a book. Befitting isn’t it ?

The Surreptitious Life of a Pedophile

While in the movie Fault in Our Stars, Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters when “had to do something about the swing set” ,the pedophilic swing set rang some of my bells. Though like a really casual and perfectly negligible reference of the term it was supposed to not make much for good notice, it did catch my eye anyway and I couldn’t help but bring myself to find that Pedophilia is actually a mental disorder which engages a person to be sexually attracted and aroused exclusively by prepubescent children i.e. children around the age of a toddler to the age of 11yrs who are not certainly capable of providing a consent for the disdainful activities. A person diagnosed with this disorder must be 16 yrs or above and the attraction must pertain to children at least five years younger than a pedophile. A popular synonym for pedophilia is child sexual abuse. The apparent no. of men exceed the no. of women that are diagnosed with this disorder reportedly.

I am an Indian. I live in a country of tradition with rich absorbing culture, moral customs and rituals.Even in a country with such vibrant and sacred morals, we come about such issues like rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse and child sexual offending every day: A 4YR GIRL RAPED BY HER SCHOOL TEACHER ; GIRL RAPED IN CAB ; KINDERGARTEN STUDENT SEXUALLY ABUSED BY A LOCAL WORKER ; A BUS DRIVER RAPES A 2YR OLD GIRL IN THE SCHOOL BUS. Where it is considered offensive even to talk about sex as a part of normal life openly among different age groups and where people belonging to different generations have this one universally agreed upon principle of keeping these words private, there stands no difference to the statistics of sexual crimes in comparison to any other country. I bet majority of people don’t even have a clue regarding the perceptible existence of such a mental disorder.

It is almost a year to this conversation I had with a fellow classmate and if I may forewarn you that reading further would be an absolute ordeal for you as it was for me when I heard it of course with her corresponding actively expressive countenances of disgust. But I think you will proceed with it anyway out of curiosity.

So she told me she heard about this family with two working parents to their beautiful toddler daughter whom they left to be at home with her paternal grandfather who was a widower. The kid started to cry incessantly and had a terrible pain in her stomach after a couple of months. Her parents took her to their family doctor and the doctor indicated the presence of semen in her body. The mother got furious and requested her husband to set up cameras in his father’s room where they left their daughter everyday. At first the husband rebuked about the whole idea of suspecting his own father for having been involved in such a demeaning scenario but finally agreed to work through the plan for the sake of his daughter’s safety and to seek the real truth about his daughter’s condition. And they found the deviant old grandfather ejaculating in his granddaughter’s little mouth. Even to imagine the sight of a possible that and the damage it caused to that little bird, a shame! I mean that is freaking incest and sexual harassment and rape and child abuse, actually toddler abuse or something. All this happening the while when her parents sat in their comfy office chairs thinking their daughter must be having fun playing tea party with her cute grandpa. Though this is not one of the cases of pedophilic men, this does its part in a way.

But there are teenagers and adults who do not want to hurt children and have never acted on their sexual desires. They remain undetected and fail to acquire help. Some may even kill themselves for having to live with such an embarrassing attraction affliction. The risk factors that these people may act on their pedophilic urges are developed by insatiable sexual desires which cause distress, personality problems, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, impaired self-concept and interpersonal functioning. Causes of this disorder of sexual preference may be biological or developed by emotional fears or threats from similar age groups such as social acceptance, maturity level variance, social approbation and trust issues making them more congenial in the company of children.

There is no evident assurance that pedophilia can be cured, but there are therapies to help them to refrain from acting upon these impulses. I think this is somewhat similar to heterosexual or homosexual sexual orientation on the basis of natural sexual preference but pedophelia can turn out to be harmful for children so it needs mental health treatments. An awful lot of people are out there seeking help before its too late. They don’t wanna be monsters. And a ray of hope can only do wonders.

The Book Review : I Too Had A Love Story by Ravinder Singh


I did not naturally intend to go for this novel by choice because well, it is a love story and I have always entertained a presumption: almost all love stories are just too cliche and yet another time it has turned out to be absolutely remarkably true. Actually my cousin happened to visit us in Delhi last month and he forgot this book he was glued to, so I thought I should put this coincidence to some employment of my time. So I completed reading the last page of this book by today evening and I am here with a forthright review because Ive got nothing else to do and I don’t have a life so I’ll definitely bug you with this shit. Lets go.

The narration at the most seems to be truthful and honest, sometimes hilarious and stupid but it does describe perfectly the real mess life creates. I like the few chapters at the close of it more though.

For two people who are introduced to each other by the aid of an internet receptive network between two distant parts of a country hosted by a matrimonial site, it is by every means an unusual experience to carry a relationship based on technical cellular connections to the extent of marriage. Its like you fell in love with an imaginable person who is virtually invisible and you can only conceptualize what kind of a feeling would it emit out of you if you were with that person this instant. It is misleading, unbelievable and like you’ve been in a long distance relationship since forever but you just dint know it yet.

So we have the author and he calls himself in the whole story by the name Ravin, a software engineer employed in Infosys ,Bhubaneswar. At a reunion with his college friends he realizes that the concept of marriage is soon approaching him and it is going to change his entire life and that he must get prepared to do some extensive research on the subject before his parents land him into an awkward situation with a match for him of their choice. Making an exaggerated profile he was all set to find his first love right on the platform of a web based locale offering community filters and much more to find the list of just the perfect matches for Ravin. He was pretty excited about this thing. It was much surprise to his own expectation that he was in a way desperate about this strange thing. Although he had lost his faith on that bloody worthless website after getting rejected by some girls and after rejecting some girls himself, soon after that one beautiful girl, Khushi from Faridabad responded to his requests after a couple of days. The two had a real connection with many things alike and she confessed she was driven to talk to him because he put that he had learnt to play tabla on his profile while she herself had a degree of that sort. Ravin provided this credit solely to his dad who had pushed him to learn tabla. The two fell in love soon and it was ravishing as it was, they were happy together.

They met for the first time when Ravin had a US project to his schedule and he landed in Delhi to spend a day with Khushi and her family. After receiving a warm welcome from her whole family, Khushi and Ravin were delighted to have finally been able to see each other for real. Completing his one month US project, he again had a chance to visit Khushi and her family. It was the purity in the nectar of their unconventional romance that had never let them be apart for even a day. Appearing to be too mainstream but just the right amount for being too stupid to be in love. The realm of their life was better than their dreams and they were inseparable. But life had planned a tragedy for them, a tragedy worth to be written about.

It was their engagement in three days and Khushi had been in office for her night shift. She was supposed to give Ravin a call at 5am. as they planned before Ravin got to his dreams about their engagement. But it was 6:30am. when Ravin could make out it was morning and he couldn’t locate any calls from her. He called her up and a male voice apprised him that Khushi’s cab had met with an accident with a giant truck on her way back home. She was unconscious and in the ICU with major blood loss, her jaw and right thigh needed a surgery and their were blood clots in her brain. Ravin boarded the very next available flight to Faridabad and somehow was convincing himself she would be okay. Soon. Crying to his own helplessness to save his better half and of all the pain she is enduring, alone.

It is truly excruciating to put that fearful affliction into words that would be read by a million people and to share the catastrophe of having lost your first love at the hands of your unbound destiny, it takes absolute solidity and deep-dyed devotion to be able to put forward such a reminiscence. It is not really a book but I would rather term it as her memories inked in pages that Ravin can never get rid of. A deep regarded souvenir for an unconditional love that did last a little more than forever.

Fifty Shades Trilogy – Evince of Fifty Shades of BDSM


Fifty Shades Trilogy having quite a popular demand especially among the women public, I have to admit I’ve been noticing its first installment Fifty Shades of Grey being flipped in many hands in the metro for a bit now. Its been rumored to be “the intense quality porn novel”. I hate to break it out to you fellas that it’s not just another popular romantic novel on most shelves everywhere but evidently a lot more than that focusing on an all new platform of eroticism.This trilogy initially aims to locate a BDSM relationship transforming into an endearing loving marriage. BDSM being the variety of diverse erotic activities ,those of Bondage and Discipline; Dominance and Submission; Sadism and Masochism for sexual arousal and interpersonal intimacy with the mutual consent of the respective people involved. The consent maybe a written contract between the two parties as it is this mutual consent that proves a fine legal and ethical distinction between BDSM and criminal offenses as sexual harassment or domestic violence.

E.L. James, she draws the characters flat and carries the snowball relationship between a 21-year-old college grad Anastasia Steele and a young 27-year-old business magnate Christian Grey in a total mystery-swept romance with the initial intention of a non-romantic but only a sexual one. The thrills the author hints with sudden shades of Mr. Grey must be the reason of the title. Although a number as reinforcing as Fifty could be seen as Grey having some close to infinite hidden shadows in his multiple personality theatrical masks and alter egos . From being the perfect gentleman, Christian Grey doesn’t take a seconds space to turn into a whacky crazed S&M maniac. Being a tormented soul he has turned out much complicated. The whole book is through Ana’s perspective and is written in first person with present tense narrative voice. Grey introduces Ana to the “you don’t yet know what you’re in for” thing i.e an unfamiliar dominant and submissive sexual exposure. Though people have reviewed they did not really adjust to the first person narrative as easily opposed to the author’s attempt to keeping the readers engaged in the moment, it exhibits feelings of pure involving intimacy for real.

The contract Ana is obliged to sign even forbids her to touch Christian or make an eye contact with him “because he is fifty shades fucked up ” in his own words. The first of Christian’s BDSM relationships. he had been the submissive or the bottom and that too when he was 15yrs old and was seduced by one of his mother’s friends, Elena Lincoln. Which was some sexual abuse though and he still owned a salon business with her together. The juice here was that Christian began to think of Ana as her girlfriend and not a submissive eventually. And the word traveled. There was Christian himself turned into a submissive at the feet of Ana in the fear of being left by her again in the second part of the series Fifty Shades Darker which leaves even Ana stunned,” Holy fuck…Christian. The submissive”. In the start Ana reckoned Christian was not the “hearts and flowers kind of guy” but then she has his heart and “here are the flowers” as he waves toward the room. Christian falls for Ana and its gratifying, no one ever expected of him falling in love and not much to the reader’s surprise Christian’s mother even thought he was a homosexual. He was a lost boy of fifty shades revealed by boredom,weariness,depression,complexities of his personality. This fifty was the submissive masochist once been beaten the shit out of him and so he is the sadist now,because he liked it that much. “The image of a powerful man who’s really still a boy who feels he is unworthy of love of his perfect family and his much-less-than perfect girlfriend.”

And at the end Fifty Shades Freed is Ana “topping from the bottom” being Christian’s lifeline making him believe he has a wealth of love to give, her Fifty Shades. I guess its something unlikely coming onto the coffee table making the perfect timing with some fan fiction ending on the subject . So its hitting the hits its hitting and so the movie.

“There’s a very fine line between pleasure and pain. They are two sides of the same coin, one not existing without the other.” E.L. JAMES

The Book Review: Right Here Right Now by Nikita Singh

Right-hereNikita Singh, who is one of the bestselling authors right now at just the age of 22 happened to finish the book in 15days straight ! Woo ! I mean I read it on an article in Hindustan Times she started writing her first book at the age of 19 ..well I’m already 19. LOL And I’m just lazy as fuck. Who knows I could also deliver perhaps an extensive knack of stories that would change the world in a single whip. Or maybe I could write another most amazingly awesome Sheldon Cooper “the kind of mind that comes along once, maybe twice in a generation” in the desperate needs of the world. Or maybe i should just get this over least.

So, the author invites the audience in the first scene where we see a 17-year old girl lying in a hospital bed having no idea how she got there, who are the people crying around her bed, what had happened to her, what was this all about and a blank memory. She happened to guess the mother of her and the father of her and this was sad. She found out her name was Kalindi Mishra and so did we. Having diagnosed with Retrograde Amnesia she is not able to recall anything from her past 17years but is optimistic about it that in quiet some days she would be able to resume her life again.

As a result of the traumatic head injury, Kalindi having lost her idea of “THE Kalindi Mishra”, begins to rebuild a brand new identity and aura of herself. I found it really inspiring how life gives her another chance to live her life from the apparent start (actually it happens to be the upshot of Retrograde Amnesia that the person undergoes a change of habits and overall personality). Having found her earlier friends strange and haughty and unreliable and pompous and conceited, she also finds out that they don’t actually approve of their age to be just 17years but they deport themselves as some runway models doing the ramp for over 15years at pace (not to mention, obviously she was once also one of them and this makes her feel sick). And so they don’t actually make even half of a schoolkid to her. Instead, Kalindi finds herself some snug around the bunch of nerds they call “who are in no hurry to grow up”. She finds out that Harsh Raj Sisodia  “from the uncool nerd crowd” lives just next to her apartment and they become boon companions for life soon.

But it keeps coming about to her how she fell into such an oblivion, what the hell happened ? No one knows. Kalindi has nightmares of a fall that is devastated by strange voices and bad visions. She hides it all from everyone but she falls short in front of Harsh and he is the only person who could get it out of her. It gets big and this episode ends on an ugly note making Kalindi screaming over Harsh publicly in front of the whole school about going behind her back and violating her privacy. Although Kalindi starts to regret how she reacted , she is perhaps in some fine amounts determined to stop herself from missing Harsh and all the good times they had had by using the knowledge of how he “Betrayed” her to stay away from him. The fifty-two days of her new life!

Like Bruno Mars could catch a grenade for HER , Kalindi Mishra got on a ladder for HIM which wasn’t actually structurally sound and could end up in a SEVENTY-FOOT DROP. This was adventurous and well, it was pretty hilarious and there, it made Kalindi realize how much she loved Harsh. No one ever knew what marked the imminent start of this new life for Kalindi Mishra or what degree of bad was it ? And with everything finally falling into place for her, she forgot how to care about the bad that gave her a new life and made her a better person. It was all happy now.

The Friend of a twosome

Ya i know this could actually make the name of a book lol.

” Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another : What! You too? I thought that no one but myself.” C.S. Lewis

This post today because I am plodding out of such a situation right now and I want to publish how awkward it gets when Two of your friends change their status into being ‘In a relationship’. Many things in the troop change and its complicated after this is declared officially. You suddenly have no idea how you are expected to behave besides being happy for them. Its considerably hard to tell when would they expect you to leave them for the sake of private intimacy between the romantic duo or when would they just want to have fun hanging around together with you being no “third wheel”. If you tag yourself around the couple a bit too often, let your conscience speak up to you when you feel like you’re actually manifesting the proverb of ‘playing the gooseberry’ in virtual terms.                                                                                                                                                                  No offense if you’re a female or male, the odds- on is that either of the spouse is probable to envy your care and understanding as a chuddy-buddy towards the other one as something else. I’m just saying. Because shit happens when friends alter, relationships change and priorities shift. And the situations could get worse if you’re a part of a big bundled gang. Controversies sleep in the middle of every conversation and come on, everyone cannot agree with you so you can’t help but fall in someone’s eyes as you don’t have to impress everyone. Duh !!

Arsy varsy, if you’re head over heels for your partner and you belong to the other side of the equation which includes the two of you about to exhibit your feelings to the associated audience, you should prophesy the detailed reactions(by the girlfriends to the girl) right here:

  • An overreaction by overly attached girlfriends of the lass in love as to ” I can’t believe you  kept from me your alliance! ” says Betty. ” Why did you have to keep it a secret from us ? ” says Morgan. ” I thought you shared all your feelings with us as we do. I thought that you were being plainly true to us but i was wrong. ” says Kate.      And you would have to deal with these carefully going on for all the explanations you can gather at the moment. Ya it’s a headache i know.
  • Chances are probable that the girlfriends would begin to act weird and go to the extent of making you feel like you were plotting a murder or a property scandal secretly. Before you are processing things in your mind to turn them into words that can explain your causes, they would wrap up all the understanding you shared for years and react abruptly telling you to never call again and hang up the phone. Yes its really irritable I speak from my experience but it doesn’t go for every other girlfriend, just the few of them who are habitual of whirling small things into big life threatening  issues.
  • Then comes the part when everything seems to have chilled out but the changes are uncontrollable regarding to the acceptance and strengthening of the green lovers. Here someone would hit the J word in their hidden wit (J for jealous, i know you knew ;) ) , someone would judge you a nice match, someone would crop and love triangles to make things shake, someone would hold you up when things go the wrong way.

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” William Shakespeare. A toast to all those who have been in love and agree the quote holds true in material ways.

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