Life Saving Randomness

Lucid in my dreams


After a pretty long session of wondering , analyzing and comprehending and I have now realized I have been having weird reveries throughout my sleep that power me to manipulate and weave them . Lucid dreams what they call it is . And whatever i see in my dreams i am in absolute control of whatever i want to happen in the picture with my consciousness. By my intention i stick as long as i can to nightmarish dreams .

Sometimes there are consecutive 3 to 4 dreams in one night . I am all set to proceed from the point where i leave the dream in the next one . I can take all 3 to follow. Its very amazing to clearly take it where you want to . Vivid and its realistic but not entirely dormant , a brief wakefulness . To see  what i want to see . My participation in my imaginary experiences are purely consented by my mind in the dream environment.

And a quick hallucination i had last week . It lasted for almost 15 recalled minutes .What i visualized was a fire in the neighboring building at a distant flat on the ground floor at the clock of 3:15 am in the morning. I even awoke my sister up and made her see it . But i woke up the next morning only to realize it wasn’t any bit of reality  i was experiencing .

Sleep conscious and a wakeful life is recollected in my right hemisphere of parietal lobe . I feel powerful enough to affect the course of my dreams by telling myself to do something , to say something else , to make happen something more , then finally tell myself to wake up .

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